Freewell 3-pack Landscape Series Gradient Filters (ND8-GR ND16-4 ND32-8)


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- Unmatched Optics: Each of Freewell 4K Series optics are handcrafted precisely compatible to be used with Mavic Air 2 Drone
- GimbalSafe: Freewell GimbalSafe technology ensures each filter frame goes through a rigorous lightweight test putting no negative effect on your drone gimbal
- Coating: Waterproof, Dustproof, Scrathproof, Oilproof, Colour Neutral coating makes sure you get the best possible image while shooting outdoor
- What is included: Grad Kit consist of ND8-GR, ND16-4, ND32-8
- Storage Protection: Each filter kits comes with a robust magnetic filter case

The Grad Kit is excellent for capturing the most stunningly-detailed landscape photographs and footage. Gradient, or ‘Grad’ filters are designed to perfectly balance the exposure required for the land and the sky, especially when taking landscape shots with your gimbal. Conventional gradient filters in the market are designed to only help you balance the exposure levels however Freewell Gear Cinematic Grad filters are able to slow down the shutter speed to capture truly cinematic aerial footage. 

Generally, to capture the perfect landscape aerial image or footage the exposure level between the sky and the land has to be balanced. Normally, the ground requires around 2-3 f-stops more than the sky so if you focus to control this level with conventional filter, it tends to make the sky seem darker than you wish. The Grad Kit for Mavic Air 2 is designed to balance the exposure required above-horizon and below-horizon, and simultaneously lower your camera’s shutter speed to capture movie-like aerial footage, in varying daytime lighting conditions, using the ND (Neutral Density) aspect of the multi-coated filter. The softer edges of the filter allow capturing more details in your footage with perfectly-balanced exposure. 

To enhance efficiency, the Grad filters are laser-marked with horizon-lines to help you line up the perfect aerial landscape shot with your Mavic Air 2 gimbal. The multiple coating on the filters are designed to not only protect against physical damage such as scratches but also provide optical protection against unwanted flares and reflections in your shot

The Grad Kit is designed to help professional aerial cinematographers in capturing the most detailed and crisp landscape shots, in cloudy, normal, and bright daylight conditions.

ND8-GR Filter (3 f-stops) - helps to capture clear footage of landscapes at sunrise or sunset
ND16-4 Filter (4 f-stops) - designed for use in cloudy, and lower daylight conditions
ND32-8 Filter (5 f-stops) - excellent to capture stunning and cinematic aerial footage, especially in bright sunny conditions outdoor

Mavic Air 2

1x ND8-GR Filter
1x ND16-4 Filter
1x ND32-8 Filter
Filter Case

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