Freewell Gear Micro USB Cable 45cm (1.5ft)


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- Ideal length of 45 cm (1.5 Ft) for best handling of drone remote control
- Covered with high quality braided nylon for additional protection
- Hassle-free connectivity with all compatible devices
- Made for use with numerous Android-powered devices, mobile smartphones, Windows-powered smartphones with a micro USB port for connectivity

The Micro USB Cable 45 CM (1.5 FT) from Freewell provides an ideal solution for connecting with your drone remote control. This durable USB cord connects you with Android and Windows-powered devices for best drone flying experience. Its ideal length 45CM make sure you do not have less or excess cable having around which bother the drone users most during flying.

The Micro USB Cable 45 CM (1.5 FT) from Freewell is:
Ideal in length – A length of 45 cm (1.5 ft) is ideal for connecting your drone remote control.
Durable protection – The outer covering of the cable is made from specialized braided nylon fiber cloth to offer round-the-clock protection to the cable when in use or in storage.
Superior quality product – Freewell insists in making each product of the highest quality to ensure complete customer reliability and satisfaction. Thicker copper wiring inside the outer nylon covering provides faster charging and better connectivity with all compatible devices.
Universally compatible – This cord helps you to easily connect with most Android-powered devices, including tablet PCs and smartphones along with all Windows-powered hand-held devices which support a connection through a micro USB port. This cord connects readily with Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Edge S7, Nokia Lumia, LG phones and similar others.
The Micro USB Cable 45 CM (1.5 Ft) from Freewell gives you perfect connectivity with all micro USB-supporting devices used in the drone remote control. This efficient cable gives you smooth operation of the remote and drone with longer life of the cable.

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