Freewell Gear DJI Spark Bright Day Filters 4-Pack 4K Series


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- Double side multicoated optical glass for 4K filmmaking experience
- Excessively light weight for zero-effect on gimbal
- Bright daylight 4-Pack – ND16, ND32, ND64, PL
- Made to be used with DJI SPARK
- Easy SNAP-ON installation
The DJI SPARK 4-Pack from Freewell is the best solution for filming in various bright sunny daytime light conditions. This pack has 4 advanced filters (ND16, ND32. ND64 and PL) with protective case as well. The double-side multicoated ND16, ND32 and ND64 filters helps to cut light hitting the sensor of the camera. This helps to get a naturally blurred motion while the camera is moving. The PL (Polarized) lens filter from Freewell is best for preventing glare from natural reflective surfaces to enter the lens and give clear and sharp images outdoors in the daytime. These lens filters are designed to be lightest in weight and offer you effective solutions for filming in sunny to very bright sunny conditions.
Freewell ND16 – This filter helps to cut light hitting the sensor by 4 f-stops. It is ideal in normal sunny conditions.
Freewell ND32 – This filter reduces light from entering the lens by 5 f-stops. This makes it ideal to get crystal clear images in very bright sunny conditions, as seen in the afternoon and at dawn.
Freewell ND64 – This filter cuts light by 6 f-stops and helps to slow down the shutter speed of the camera significantly. This helps to create a natural blurry footage and remove the ‘jello’ effect usually seen while filming outdoors.
Freewell Polarized Filter (PL) – This filter is designed to prevent glare from naturally reflective surfaces, such as water bodies or glass windows. It is useful for enhancing the color and contrast of the image perfectly.
The DJI SPARK 4 Pack from Freewell is ideal to get HD footage and crystal-clear images while filming outdoors in sunny to very bright daytime conditions. The complete pack is there to help you get the best bright daytime filming experience.

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