iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 / 7S VR Case

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IPHONE 6 / 6S / 7 / 7S VR CASE
- Ideal portable VR solution
- Lightweight and comfortable to use
- High-end multilayered nano-coated polished lens for HD quality virtual reality experience
- Triple purpose accessory for iPhones – Cover case and Virtual Reality Glasses , Mobile in one
- Made for use with – Apple iPhone 7, iPhone7s, iPhone 6 , iPhone 6s smartphones
The iPhone VR Case from Freewell Gear is designed for a triple purpose. The VR case acts as an efficient protection covering for your iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Alternately, it can be easily switched to view excellent quality virtual reality videos on the iPhones as well as act as an stand.

Conveniently designed – The VR case is designed in the slimmest possible manner. It avoids the need to carry and wear bulky virtual reality glasses for smartphone users.

Robustly constructed
 – The case is made from toughened high-grade material to offer durability and longer life for better usage. Also, the adjustable lenses are made from only the highest quality resin material, coated 8 times with nano-coating and polished 5 times to achieve the optimum visual quality that it provides so effectively.

Efficient for use 
– The VR case allows users to adjust the lenses to suit individual eyesight power. People with myopia less than 400 can also easily view virtual reality videos with this VR case without the need of spectacles or contact lenses.

Dual purpose – The VR case is designed to be a smartphone case and can be flipped around to view virtual reality videos easily.
The iPhone 7/7S/6/6S VR VR Case from Freewell is an ideal solution for iPhone 6 smartphone users to gave a protective cover which can also help then view virtual reality videos easily and without bulky VR equipment.
1x VR Case for iPhone 7 / 7s / 6 / 6s

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