Nanuk Case 910 with First Aid Logo (Red)

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Perfect to organize, protect and carry first aid supplies and equipment, the NANUK 910 waterproof hard case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight tough resin shell and double front-mounted PowerClaw superior latching system. With NANUK’s exclusive locking and latching system, your case stays shut and secured until you are ready to open it.

A fully-functioning first-aid kit is critical in numerous emergency situations. Imagine a worst-case scenario where you require your first aid kit and you find that yours is wet or damaged! This is an avoidable situation thanks to the new NANUK 910 Waterproof First Aid Case. The NANUK 910 is virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight and features our patented PowerClaw Superior latching system.

It will keep your first aid kit (sold separately) safe and dry in a case that’s been engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications and to surpass the needs of the most demanding users. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Put your first aid kit inside a NANUK 910 First Aid Case and regain your peace of mind. Great for boats, cars, SUVs, first responders, rescue teams, ambulances, police, fire, military, camping, businesses, schools, construction vehicles, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness and more. Also, the NANUK 910 First Aid Case floats on water.

Interior (LxWxH): 33.6cm x 23.4cm x 10.4cm
Exterior (LxWxH): 36.3cm x 28.2cm x 12cm
Lid Depth: 1.3″ | 33 mm
Base Depth: 2.8″ | 71 mm
Internal Volume: 498 | 0.28 cu.ft | 8.2 L
Weight (empty): 3.0 lb | 1.4 kg
Temperature Range: Min -20°F (-29°C ) | Max 140°F (60°C)
Material: Lightweight NK-7 resin
Colour: Red
Max buoyancy: 17 lb | 7.7 kg
Padlock Holes Diameter: 0.300"
Airline carry-on: Yes*
*Check with your airline carrier before travelling.

1x 910 Case with First Aid Logo (Red)
* First Aid content not included

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