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U60, a flagship desktop USB microphone under SmallRig Forevala series, comes with a 32-bit dual-core intelligent audio processing chip (MCU+DSP) that enables studio-quality (24 bit/ 48k Hz) digital audio recording without latency. This means that U60 allows not only “on-the-scene” aural interaction with your fans but also clearer and faster communication with your gaming teammates. Along with a multi capsule array featuring 360° sound sampling, patented virtual surround sound technology and fast-response sound quality compensation algorithm help realize four pickup modes in live streaming or recording, for example stereo/ omnidirectional/ cardioid/ bi-directional polar patterns, suitable for various scenarios, such as live streaming/ singing performance/ multi-person interviews/ video chat/ real-time gaming.

- Smart audio chip for high-quality sound pickup: THD as low as 0.3%, smart audio chip for efficient and high-quality digital audio processing. 32-bit MCU and DSP enable high-speed intelligent audio algorithms to reduce THD to 0.3% and increase maximum SPL to 130 dB as well as high-fidelity sound recording, avoid popping sound , etc.
- Built-in sound card for instant creation: Digital audio creation without any external sound card. U60 can enhance stereo and spatial audio through its digital audio technology of the built-in sound card, which enables virtual surround sound and fast-response sound quality compensation, further improving recording quality and speed.
- Dual-channel (24 bit / 48k Hz) studio standard audio quality: Dual-channel (24 bit / 48k Hz) for high-fidelity sound recording and layering.
- Multi capsule array: U60 features a built-in triple capsule array for 360° sound sampling. Please keep the sound source straightly facing the triple capsule array for better sound quality.
- Four pickup modes: The spatial audio algorithm allows one-touch switch among four pickup modes, namely stereo/ omnidirectional/ cardioid/ bi-directional polar patterns, suitable for various scenarios. Cardioid: accurately picks up sound from the front; stereo: picks up sound equally around its capsule via two channels; omnidirectional: picks up sound equally around its capsule via one channel; and bi-directional: accurately picks up sound equally from the front and the rear.
- Multi vibration proof design for noise reduction: including shock-absorbing capsule stand, anti-vibration silicone pad and high-density sponge on the bottom, reducing noise resulting from vibration.
- Multiple accessories and user friendly operation: including a detachable 360° rotatable microphone stand / gain control and mute button / zero-latency monitoring and headphone volume control / anti-tangle 2 in 1 USB-C data cable.
- High compatibility, plug and play: With built-in USB driver, U60 featured as a plug and play USB microphone. Compatible with Windows/ macOS/ Android/ Linux/ PS4/ PS5 devices, and most of the recording/live streaming apps (YouTube, Facebook, zoom meeting, TikTok, Discord, etc.).

Product Dimensions: 292.2 x 125.9 x 125.9mm
Net Weight: 1.08kg
Package Dimensions: 252 x 167 x 167mm
Gross Weight: 1.33 kg
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy
UVC protocol: USB 2.0 or above
Polar Pattern: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, bi-directional
Sample Rate: 24 bit/ 48k Hz
Sensitivity: -38 dB
Frequency Range: 50 Hz-20k Hz
THD: ≤0.5 %
S/N: 68 dB
Maximum SPL: 130 dB
Working Voltage/Current: 5 V⎓0.1 A
Connector Type: Type-C

Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, PS5, Android

1x Forevala U60 USB Microphone
1x USB-A/ USB-C to USB-C Data Cable
1x User Manual
1x SmallRig Customized Sticker

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