SmallRig Selection Wet & Dry Cleaning Kit C 3302

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- Wet & dry cleaning solution for all-round cleaning of various stains.
Cleaning wipe:
Quickly dissolves oil stains.
Evaporates quickly leaves no water stains, and contains no ethyl alcohol.
Made of thin, soft material that does not scratch lens or screen.
Nano cleaning cloth:
Made of ultra-fine polyester, suitable for cleaning of high precision products
High cleaning efficiency, leaving no dust and fiber scraps
- Separately packed and easy to carry around for all cleaning needs during the journey.
- Dust-free production process and vacuum packaging.

SmallRig Selection Wet & Dry Cleaning Kit C 3302 is designed as a professional cleaning kit for photographers, which includes: ten cleaning wipes and five nano cleaning cloths. The cleaning wipe is specially made to quickly dissolve oils. It Evaporates quickly, leaves no water stains and contains no ethyl alcohol, evaporates quickly when wiped off, leaving no water stains; it is made of thin, soft material that does not scratch lens or screen and only produces a few scraps, which can be easily removed with an air blower. The wipe is separately packed, easy to carry around, and ready to use. Its cleanliness is guaranteed from the production stage by using dust-free cleaning, de-oxygenation technology, and dust-free vacuum packaging technology.

The nano cleaning cloth is made from ultra-fine polyester, so that dirt moves outwards along the capillary channels of fibers, preventing re-contamination and scratching of the product surface. It is useful in cleaning high precision products such as semiconductors, precision optical instruments, screens (suitable for Apple's Pro Display XDR professional display), lenses, resins, etc. A brand-new nano cleaning cloth can also be used for CMOS cleaning. With ultrasonic cutting and sealing, it produces no dust and static electricity. Nano cleaning cloth is individually packed in a dust-free environment using an aluminum foil vacuum bag to ensure cleanliness from production to use, and it is easy to carry around and ready to use.

- The cleaning wipe, developed for optical mirrors and electronic product screens, may inevitably produce scrapes like all wiping paper on the market. Thus, we recommend nano cleaning cloth in the wet & dry cleaning kit to meet your professional needs.
- The nano cleaning cloth must not be used with liquids such as water or detergents. You are advised to replace it when a large stain is visible. For CMOS cleaning, lease uses a brand-new nano cleaning cloth.

Product Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 3 mm
Package Dimensions: 170 x 120 x 25 mm
Net Weight: 68 ± 2 g
Package Weight: 110 ± 2 g
Material: Polyester, Wood Pulp Paper

5x Nano Cleaning Cloth
10x Cleaning Wipe

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