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SmallRig Screw set MB2734 is used for SmallRig photographic equipment. It contains a set with a variety of screws such as: 2 pieces of 1/4 slotted screws, 8 pieces of 1/4 hexagonal screws, which can be used at the bottom of the cage, L plate quick release plate, base, handle, tube Clips, top plates, monitors, etc. 4 pieces of M4 size hex screws used to lock the handle. For example, 163- Four M3 screws are used to lock the new version of the gear. Older gears can use four M2 screws. Includes 2 pieces of M- 5 size hex socket screws for cage side locks, multiple 3/8 slotted screws for quick release boards and bases. Easy to store and easy to carry.

- Screw set used for photographic equipment
- Includes six types of screws of 1/4 ", 3/8", M2, M- 5, M3, M4
- A total of 26 hexagon socket screws, slotted screws and Phillips screws
- Designed for cages, handles, L plates and other products

Camera accessories ( Cages/Handles/Plates/ARRI Rosette etc)

Product Dimensions
Product size: 80 x 62x 24mm
Package size: 75x 6- 5x 25mm
Product weight: 78g
Package weight: 89g
Material: plastic, stainless steel

1x Box
2x 1/4 slotted screws
8x 1/4 socket screws
2x 3/8 slotted screws
4x M2 screws
2x M- 5 hexagon socket screws
4x M3 screws
4x M4 hex socket screws

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